'I'm Not a Solar Panel' Reflects a Verse of Ecological Poetry

 - Feb 13, 2012
References: industrialdesignserved
Imagine waking up every morning and dressing in front of the 'I'm Not a Solar Panel' mirror. Daily you would be confronted with more than the question of your physical appearance, you would also be prompted to analyze the value of your actions towards the environment.

Mehmet Gozetlik of Antrepo has designed this full-length mirror from recycled materials including aluminum and a highly reflective glass used with solar cell technology. Nothing here has gone to waste, but rather given a second life for what some people consider to be a secondary necessity.

Four visible grid lines across the glossy surface still give the looking glass the distinct appearance of a sun-soaking eco-friendly generator. But all the same, the 'I'm Not a Solar Panel' mirror looks polished, poised and appropriate for placement inside a contemporary home.