The Rado HyperChrome Adjusts Time with Swiping Gestures, Not Knobs

 - Jul 11, 2014
References: rado & gizmodo
Touchscreen devices are eliminating the need for knobs, buttons and dials on everything from home appliances to watches, including the Rado HyperChrome.

The Rado watch looks deceivingly traditional, as it has no digital numbers on its face, but there's something quite unique about this watch—instead of setting the time by furiously spinning a small wheel on the side of the watch, the minute and hour hands on the HyperChrome can be set with a few simple swipes to either the right or left side of the watch face. Although it may sound overly complicated, like any other gesture-based system, the Radi HyperChrome seems like it would be fairly intuitive once you see it in action, or play around with it on your own.