The 'Hyper Connected' Chart Shows They Don't Power Down

 - Jul 4, 2012
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The 'Hyper Connected' Infographic outlines how the Y gen has grown up playing with iPads more than with dolls, clearly showing the monstrous degree to which the millennial group is plugged in.

Internet usage and consta-communication through text has become a staple in many lives. It is hard to imagine going a couple days off the grid, let alone a lifetime like our great-grandparents did. This infographic explains how the millennial generation does not necessarily own a significantly greater number of tech products (such as a tablet computer, game console or cell phone) than the older X generation or baby boomers. Rather, it is the way in which these devices are used that has habitually changed. Cell phones are used more often as multifunctional devices, seeing significantly greater usage to take videos, listen to music and surf the net in the Y gen than any other older generation.

If the youth of today is already so wired in, it is scary to think how difficult it is going to be to peel their kids away from the handheld screen.