Sinergy 1000 Hybrid Cupola Holds a Vertical Wind Turbine and Solar Panels

Architect Todd R. Harrington has designed the patent-pending Sinergy 1000 hybrid cupola that can produce power from both solar and wind sources. The attractive residential design incorporates a solar panel on the south side roof face and houses a vertical axis wind turbine inside the cupola. The hybrid cupola can be mounted alone or in a series along a roofline without upsetting the neighbors.

While the Sinergy 1000 hybrid cupola isn’t yet available for purchase, the Sinergy Concepts Company is taking inquiries as it waits for the results of its working prototype entry into the 2011 GE Ecomagination Challenge. No matter how the Sinergy 1000 does in the challenge, quick-to-install prefab hybrid cupolas will make it easy to produce energy at home and look great while doing so.