Huo Yijin's Teahouse Table Changes Color When Hot Water is Spilt

 - Oct 17, 2011
References: dezeen & psfk
Huo Yijin's teahouse table was definitely made with clumsy individuals in mind. This interesting piece of furniture boasts a heat-sensitive surface that changes color every time hot water makes contact with it. Although Asian tea ceremonies are already considered an art form, Huo Yijin's teahouse table takes it to another technological level.

Huo Yijin's heat-sensitive table made its debut during Beijing Design Week. As part of a pop-up teahouse hosted by design retailer WUHAO in collaboration with socially responsible tea company Tranquil Tuesdays, it made quite the spectacle as its naturally brown surface changed to green with every spill of hot water. Canals engraved into Huo Yijin's table conveniently funnelled the excess spilt water into disposal containers beneath it, ensuring that nothing was wasted.