The 'Humanae' Project Breaks Down Racial Identifiers

 - Jul 11, 2012
References: pantone & humanae.tumblr
Many terms have been used to define the various skin tones the human species has, but the Humanae project by Angelica Dass breaks down the social barriers of black, white and everything in between.

Spanish artist Angelica Dass has taken it upon herself to categorize every possible skin tone color. She plans to achieve this by photographing numerous people and placing them in front of a background identical to their facial skin tone using the PANTONE® color scheme .

Dass aims to bring to the light the "colors beyond the borders of our codes by referencing the PANTONE® color scheme." For anyone unfamiliar with the PANTONE® color scheme: it was founded in 1963 by Lawrence Herbert to identify and match the many different colors by giving them an alphanumeric code.

The Humanae project forces the audience to reconsider the terms we use to identify skin tone as you can clearly see that those who are normally considered the same, are very much completely different.