Avant Santelubain 999 Lets You Lay Down to Shower

 - Mar 14, 2009
References: avant.ne.jp
If you’re tired of the traditional act of showering upright and having to do all the work yourself, meet the Avant Santelubain 999 from Japan. The automatic washing device is a robotic bath, aptly dubbed the "Human Washing Machine," that you climb into and close on top of yourself.

Inside the robotic bath, you can treat yourself to a Body Shampoo and Shower, Infrared Heat and Steam, Sound Therapy, Aromatherapy, Seaweed Pack, and Body Lotion. It also sterilizes and self-cleans too, so no more scrubbing shower screens! (Hooray!)

I’m really curious about the Seaweed Pack and Body lotion. How does the robot apply these?