The Human Regenerator is Blinged-Out and Keeps You Looking Young

 - Sep 15, 2013
References: geekologie & luxurylaunches
System4 Technologies GmbH has introduced the first fully anti-aging machine called the 'Human Regenerator.' This massive, blinged-out machine will be on display at the World Luxury Expo later this month.

The device is covered in 6880 carats -- almost 1.5 kilos of diamonds -- amounting to nearly 200,000 different gems on this machine. Sitting horizontal, people simply step foot into the upright device. The 'Human Regenerator' claims to slow down aging using "Quantum-Cell-Code." In other words, the device uses pulses and frequencies to generate longitudinal waves that treat silicon and aluminum deposits in the body's skin.

The device is comprised of dozens of different components from around, which help to justify its price of $9.8 million dollars