HUF and Thrasher's New Line Was Inspired by the Tour De France

For the most recent HUF and Thrasher series, the two beloved skate brands joined together to design a selection of apparel and accessories that are loosely themed around the Tour De France. In order to make this linkage clear, the collection was dubbed 'Tour De Stoops.'

Although Thrasher's branding is shown most prominently on the pieces, HUF's is included beneath in more minimal lettering -- ensuring that the collaborative effort is known.

In addition to hoodies, tees, crewnecks and other apparel that's traditionally seen, the HUF and Thrasher line incorporates canvas sneakers, hats, water bottles, umbrellas and even a branded blow torch. Colorways vary widely, however pastels reoccur throughout. The products are priced quite affordably and can be found both online and in HUF and Thrasher stores.