Spunique's Emergency Cuff Links

 - Mar 2, 2008   Updated: Aug 23 2011
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I have to confess...I don't own cuff links. I am surrounded by designer men's jewelery every day at my 9 to 5, but I have never had an urge to buy cuff links or a shirt that would require them. Some are shocked by this and some are envious.

I am very intrigued by, and tempted to purchase, Spunique's Emergency Cuff Links in case I am ever called out on my non-cuff link lifestyle.

Implications - There is a large market of consumers that don't fit the mold of what is popular in the buyers' market. Smaller businesses that are looking to garner attention should find a niche market and cater to their needs, establishing a strong and loyal consumer base in a market free of competitors.