The 'How Tech Is Changing College Life' Infographic Shows Progression

Displayed in the 'How Tech Is Changing College Life' infographic by Presta, the estimated spending of students in 2009 alone was over 13 billion for electronics such as laptops, smartphones and iPads. Computer companies, say hello to your "recession-proof," no-fail market: post-secondary education students. The dependent, addicted and tech-savvy market has hit technology highs like never before.

This isn't true across the board however; university students make up the central focus of this study, with community college students somewhat less dependent. The reason behind this change lies in the increased availability of technologies and their growing reliability. PowerPoint, online back-ups for notes, word processing services and the like are primary aspects to the demand for technology. When online textbooks cost approximately 40% less than physical textbooks, there are savings to be found. Further, this means that this is one less heavy book students are obligated to carry with them around campus.

Opting to switch to technology to fulfil their educational needs, students have also varied their mediums; iPads and smartphones now play a crucial role in post-secondary learning. Back-up web storage places like Evernote, virtual flashcards, and audio recording devices are growing in their popularity as well. Online classes make up a significant amount of collegiate learning -- and it's on the rise.

What this ultimately means is that students, while impacted by the 2008 recession and the current economic woes, are not going to be sacrificing their technology needs.

Infographic Source: Presta