The AcraBoard is the First Functional Floating Board with a Hefty Price Tag

 - Dec 26, 2015
References: arcaspace & digitaltrends
The ArcaBoard is the world's first fully functional hover board design that allows users to actually glide through the air on a surface that levitates fully off the ground. The board features a luxe electric design and an opulent price tag to match, at just under $20,000 a piece.

Hover boards have often been a mode of transportation speculated since the early 60s, but yet to be fully realized in the modern world. The AcraBoard offers one of the first fully functional electric boards of its kind that uses high-powered fans to propel and lift the 57-meter board off of the ground. The vehicle can carry up to 430-pounds worth of weight and move at great speeds through the air, without wheels or jets.