House Sampada Looks Like an Abstract Representation of a Home

 - Mar 15, 2018
References: archdaily
When Picasso first started experimenting with form, people mocked how it didn't even come close to representing reality, but the artist, and the abstract movement that he engendered, has since become so popular that houses like House Sampada have turned his work from abstract representation into ironic realism. House Sampada's use of modernist shapes and lines make it look like a home as seen through the brush of the maestro.

Part of what makes House Sampada stand out is its interesting use of angle and shape to open the space up to light. Its location in Bengaluru, India, is exposed to ample natural sunlight year-round, and the house has several stark circular skylights and cut out segments of wall that allow that light to penetrate the interior (without sacrificing privacy).

Image Credit: Gareth Hoover