‘House of Flying Laptops’ is an Ad Campaign for the Ultrabo

 - May 16, 2012
References: intel & adverblog
To kick it up a notch in the world of tech advertising, Intel promotes its Ultrabook laptop with a campaign entitled ‘House of Flying Laptops.’ The sun rises in the East in this Daniel Kleinman-directed ad that shows two ancient-style Chinese female fighters battling for an outlet to plug in their massive relic ‘lapboxes.’ It’s like a scene from The Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon, only this time, swords are replaced with laptops.

This Intel campaign cleverly uses brilliant advertisement tactics to make its product seem advanced while making everything else seem archaic. Although Intel products may not be the most popular compared to Apple products, the company sure does know how to sway away from that stigma to showcase its newest product. The House of Flying Laptops is a comical campaign ad that proves Intel to be effective and witty when it comes to advertising.