This Hot Pink Wrecking Bar Combines Practicality and Prettification

 - Mar 1, 2013
References: nymag & blog.2modern
There isn't anything particularly innovative about the shape nor the capabilities of the Hot Pink Wrecking Bar. This deconstructing apparatus works the same way that most crowbars do; it's the appearance of it that's worthy of note.

You can't miss the neon fuchsia finish to the industrial implement. It might be manufactured from steel, but its bold and feminine color conceals any harshness of materiality and function. It's quite difficult to picture anyone -- male or female -- using such a tool with great purpose or strength.

This is precisely what makes Philip Iosca's Hot Pink Wrecking Bar so enchanting. Its ironic appearance seems to match the contents of a little girl's toy box yet it is an essential instrument in every man's toolbox.