This Mashup Uses Disney Princes as the Stars of Several Scary Movies

 - Oct 26, 2015
References: buzzfeed & buzzfeed
In the spirit of Halloween Buzzfeed has put together a series of Photoshopped illustrations that showcase the various animated Disney princesses taking centre stage as the lead roles of cult favorite horror films. The mashups reimagine what it would be like if these PG characters were the stars in these super scary movies.

The contrast between an animated film and a horror flick is a massive one as both are geared towards different age groups, themes and levels of violence. Merging the two worlds together then creates for a satirical take on the spooky works. Along with a newly designed poster, each of the film mashups feature a comical plot description of the film detailing how the movie's plot line might slightly diverge with a princess as the lead role. For example, A Nightmare on Elm Street features princess Aurora with the storyline, "Aurora must fight sleep… and the real monster hidden deep within Maleficent’s Elm Street castle."