The #iDTrustShop is a Public Fridge that Uses the Honor System as Payment

 - Apr 14, 2016
References: idspecial & mentalfloss
The #iDTrustShop is a refrigerator located in busy urban areas throughout India that is filled with food items that uses an honor system as the main form of payment. The box contains a variety of food items located behind its glass door that holds the consumer accountable to provide payment in an accompanying box located at the front. While the system doesn't monitor payment in the traditional sense, it utilizes the honor system in hopes that if consumers are unable to pay in the moment of purchase they return later on to do so.

The fridge box is designed by iD Fresh Foods and the appliance remains unlocked and unguarded despite its filled product contents. Consumers are able to take food at will, in the hopes that they abide to the honor system and provide payment when and if they can.

Payment concepts such as the #iDTrustShop shows a brand's extended trust in the consumer, conveying a mutual sense of loyalty between both ends of the relationship.