The Honda Smart Home Generates More Energy Than It Uses Up

 - Apr 6, 2014
References: hondasmarthome & gizmag
The Honda Smart Home is a high-tech, forward-looking home design that is able to generate enough solar energy to power itself as well as an electric car, while still having leftover energy to supplement its energy grid.

The Honda Smart Home is driven by Honda's proprietary home energy management system. This system is housed in the home's garage and monitors and optimizes electrical consumption across the home's micro-grid.

Heating, cooling and hot water are all provided by a geothermal heat pump. The pump heats water in a tank and delivers it to the shower. The waste water is then used to help pre-heat cold water, reducing the amount of energy it takes to provide hot water to the home.

The Honda Smart Home comes with a Honda Fit electric car. The home's solar panels provide more than enough power for a typical daily commute. The car can accept DC power directly from the home's solar panels, preventing the energy loss that occurs during DC to AC electrical conversion.