'Homey' is a Chore App That Teaches Kids Financial Responsibility

 - Dec 12, 2016
References: homeyapp.net
The 'Homey' app for chores and allowance is a new iOS and Android app that revolutionizes family life. Busy parents can now manage children's tasks and reward them with items, screen time or allowance for completing the chores. Every family member can install Homey on their own device and everyone gets notifications when their chores are due -- so that there's no need for nagging.

Chores can be recurring or one-off tasks and parents can add a photo to each chore, so that even kids that don't know how to read yet can use Homey. Parents can even say which chores are kids' responsibilities, which they won't get paid for, as well as chores that are worth something extra. The best part of it all is that Homey works with photos, so parents can demand a snapshot for every time the kids complete a chore. This way parents can see if the chores that are marked as done are really done.

Homey also features a sturdy allowance management system that enables parents to set a recurring weekly or monthly allowance and also set extra money as a reward for doing extra chores -- this way kids learn the value of work and financial responsibility, while still being responsible for their share of work.