The Homer Buddha Figurine Casts the Lovable Dad as a Deity

 - Aug 28, 2012
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The Simpsons prove yearly that cartoons are not only for children, and similarly, this new Homer Buddha figurine by Kidrobot demonstrates the same can be said of toys. Featuring the lovable breadwinner of the Simpsons family in Buddha’s garbs and sitting atop a gigantic donut, the Homer Buddha toy is sure to visually impress while simultaneously inducing a few chuckles. The juxtaposition between Homer’s imbecile antics and Buddha’s wisdom will also have fans of irony giggling with cerebral delight.

The Homer Buddha will be available for purchase starting September 6th of this year. It will retail for approximately $50 and comes in a box not unlike the kind you’d see holding Chinese food deliveries. The look of the Homer Buddha was inspired by a recent episode entitled ‘Goo Gai Pan.’