A Cozy Kitchen's Homemade S'mores are Made with Healthy Matcha Green Tea

 - Jul 12, 2016
References: acozykitchen
These homemade s'mores are different from your standard bonfire fare thanks to their green color and tea flavoring. Created by the food blog A Cozy Kitchen, the recipe for matcha s'mores takes a classic summer treat and puts a slightly healthier spin on it by incorporating matcha green tea, which is not only high in caffeine, but also is full of antioxidant content.

The homemade s'mores include matcha marshmallows made from scratch. To try them at home, you will need ingredients such as matcha powder, gelatin and corn syrup. Blogger Adrianna Adarme went with an open-faced s'more by topping a singular graham cracker with a slab of chocolate and the scorched marshmallow. For extra antioxidants, you can opt for dark chocolate or even add berries to the mix.