The People of the Streets Foundation Raise Homeless Awareness

 - Aug 25, 2013
References: & adsoftheworld
Creating advertisements that raise homeless awareness is very important, and many different foundations take many approaches in order to garner attention to this topic.

The People of the Streets Foundation have decided to juxtapose pictures of the homeless population in Chile against social media apps. This is a direct comparison between people who have a lot, versus those who have nothing.

In the background of the ads is a picture of one or multiple homeless people trying to stay warm. The photos are terribly sad, and by looking at a person who has so little instantly evokes emotion out of the viewer. In the foreground of the picture has the weather displayed as though you are looking at an app on your phone.

The slogan for this ad is 'Reality has no filter. Help us to change it.' This is a touching subject, and it is important there are foundations that are looking to raise homeless awareness.