The Designer of Holochess is Making a Similar Game for Smartphones

 - May 7, 2016
References: news.discovery & engadget
Enthusiastic fans of the original Star Wars movie can look forward to the game Holochess becoming available in a version for smartphones.

Mile Levine, CEO of a mobile game developer, is working with Corey Rosen and the original designer of Holochess Phil Tippett to create the mobile game HoloGrid -- modeled after the Star Wars original. While the technology for the game to exist in holographic format as it does in the original Star Wars movie has not yet come to fruition, the creators hope that the mobile version of the game will suffice until they can move to virtual reality versions.

This variant of the game chess will have monsters with a 3D appearance, which is as close as the designers can come to the real thing for now.