Project Masiluleke is an HIV Kit That Consumers Can Use to Test Themselves

 - Nov 9, 2015
References: frogdesign & psfk
This self-testing HIV kit is the result of 'Project Masiluleke,' which began in 2008 to increase awareness of the disease. Project Masiluleke hoped to increase the amount of people who are tested for HIV, when the project was successful the demand for more convenient testing services also increased.

The HIV kit was created by 'iTeach' and 'Frog' as a method for citizens of South Africa to conduct personal testing. Essentially each package contains lancets, devices to transfer blood and solutions to develop the test. All of this equipment was collected and placed in an easy-to-use and simple-to-understand package.

This kit will aid in the reduction of HIV, increase awareness of the disease and provide the most at-risk people with a method to ensure their health.