The Hitte Camping Stove is Safe, Reliable, Convenient and Compact

For modern man, enduring the elements for even 24 hours can be a challenge. The purpose of the Hitte Camping Stove is to make one aspect of surviving in the woods a great deal easier with a cutting-edge device for preparing your food.

The clever appliance is electric and thus does not require its user to try his luck treating a campfire like an oven. Devin Mize has not been specific about how one is meant to juice up the pair of hotplates, nor how long the charge might last. Perhaps it can be powered up in advance, or regularly fed off of your hi-tech portable solar panels.

The Hitte Camping Stove opens up to expose two 10-inch round carbon fiber surfaces that can increase and plunge from 365 degrees to touchable in seconds. The smooth disc shape allows you to easily stow it in your rucksack within minutes of use.