'What's the Vibe Like' is Prank Calling Williamsburg Bars

 - May 21, 2013
References: whatsthevibelike.tumblr
Not sure which bar to hit up in Brooklyn tonight? 'What's the Vibe Like' calls pretentious hipster bartenders in Williamsburg, Brooklyn for an in-depth look at "what the vibe is like" during off-peak bar hours. The questions are legitimately hilarious, ranging from who is currently playing at the arcade game, to how many single girls are sitting at the bar.

'What's the Vibe Like' blows traditional reviewing sites like yelp or nymag to the next level and completely out of the water. Currently, 10 Williamsburg bars have been reviewed (or pranked) with the possibilities being endless, considering the amount of new bars that have been recently opened in Brooklyn. It's also a good way of knowing whether or not your local bartender is a prick or not.