These Highlighter Pens Have Three Different Marking Uses

 - Aug 18, 2015
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Many people rely on color-coding their notes to keep things organized, and highlighter pens are the ideal writing tool for getting the job done. However to take things to the next level, these KOKUYO Beetle Tips markers have an innovative ink tip design that allows you to mark the pages in three different ways, further expanding the way you organize your readings.

Traditionally most highlighter pens have a slanted tip that is designed for marking words in block colors. These KOKUYO Beetle Tips add in two more marking styles thanks to the innovative tip design -- taking inspiration from the shape of a beetle. The tip allows users to tilt the pen on the side and create boxes around words as well as use the skinnier end for fine-tip marking. The simplicity of having multiple pen uses in one allows traditional note-taking to be all the more customizable to the writer's preferences.