The HIDEsk Folding Desk Strives to Be as Mobile as the Gadgets on it

Discounting those who work full days on their computers at home, the HIDEsk Folding Desk is everything that the average Westerner might want in a domestic computer table. For the most part, many people are happy to set up temporary productivity centers at the dining room table, on the couch or in bed, but this concept offers a much more convenient and comfortable solution.

Michael Hilgers' design keeps folded up like an easel when it isn't in use, taking up little more than a few short centimeters in width. It can be leaned against a wall or tucked into a closet. When required, the HIDEsk Folding Desk opens up to produce a tabletop for a laptop or a keyboard, as well as a back wall of mounts for the placement of tablets and the storage of cables.