The Hi-Bench by Zarya Vrabcheva Mimics the Flow and Flux of Nature

 - Nov 13, 2011
References: industrialdesignserved
A seating object does not have to be particularly difficult to design because all that you need is an elevated level surface with enough space to accommodate a single person. The Hi-Bench by Zarya Vrabcheva marks the other end of the development spectrum with a concept that curls with complexity.

The creator of this unusual serpentine piece wished to address the way that man-made objects interact with the natural world. Given that the goal was to design a park bench that would nestle most contently below the breezy canopies of trees, an elegant organic form was conceived to have the bleacher match its surroundings.

An extremely strong but flexible Hi-Max material would be used to construct the Hi-Bench by Zarya Vrabcheva, enabling the undulating forms of elevated paths and perches, wide enough to welcome wheelchairs.