Everyday Normal Guy Returns to the Scene With His Entourage

 - Jan 18, 2009
References: jonlajoie
The Everyday Normal Guy has returned, and now he has a crew. "If you f*** with them, they won’t f*** with you!" This is just one of the many catchy lyrics by this Canadian Internet sensation. Originally made popular with his Everyday Normal Guy 1 & 2 from Will Farrell’s Funny or Die, Lajoie is well aware of his limits and has proven he can throw down another great song without becoming ‘played out.’ 

I don’t want to give away all of Jon’s tricks in this new video, so just watch it. If you’ve already done so, keep reading.

This video has all the great lyricism that Everyday Normal Guy #1 and #2 contained. In addition, he has gone and inserted more visual comedy to his act, like one member of his crew holding that old WWF Belt like it’s the real thing. Chalk that up with rollin’ in a minivan (unwashed, of course) and sweatpants (elastic waist included) and you’ve got yourself a great video. 

Jon has started to enjoy more commercial success with upcoming tour dates across Canada and the US. He also is rumored to have an HBO series coming out shortly.