Jingxiang Zhu Designs a Heritage Pavilion Using Panels and Lattice

 - Jun 27, 2016
References: arch.cuhk.edu.hk & designboom
Jingxiang Zhu is the architect behind this Venice Biennale heritage pavilion structure called 'Pavilion Dou' that is created entirely using wooden panels laid in a lattice checkered pattern to merge both traditional and modern building styles into a functional space. The pavilion nods to the three thousand old heritage belonging to the Chinese region with the use of natural materials to create an artistic layout.

The pavilion is modern and spacious in shape, utilizing different wooden panels and placement to create intricate designs without the need for embellishments or accents. The panels are arranged at different distances with smaller and more slender pieces that wrap around the edges to create a frame. The overall effect creates a checkered pattern to both the interior and exterior walls.Photo Credits: designboom, arch.cuhk.edu.hk