This Hello Kitty Camping Mobile Makes Camping Cute and Comfortable

If you have a love of all things cute and pink and like the sounds of glamping more than camping, this super cute Hello Kitty camper is the best way to camp comfortably and in style. On the outside, the white and pink camper has a few hearts and kitty faces on it, but once you get inside, that's where the real Hello Kitty overload begins. The camper includes everything from Hello Kitty toasters to bedding, toilets and printed pink shower curtains—as well as being just about as girly as possible, the Hello Kitty camper is also a pretty luxurious when it comes to its fittings.

The Hello Kitty camper is currently listed on eBay for $2,750, but if this is out of your budget, there are plenty of toy versions of campers like these that also happen to be a whole lot easier on the wallet.