The Action Cam Skyshot Helikite is a Kite-Balloon Hybrid

 - Jan 30, 2015
References: helikites & gizmag
The Action Cam Skyshot Helikite is a kite-balloon hybrid that can carry a GoPro camera. It is an interesting alternative to camera drones which have some flaws including their battery charge limitations, tricky pre-flight procedures such as compass calibration, noise levels and the fact that they can potentially drop out of the sky once their battery dies and hit someone on the noggin.

The Action Cam Skyshot Helikite doesn't require wind to fly, with lift provided by a helium bladder. The lift generated by its airfoils help it stay more stable than a typical balloon.This allows it to take to the skies and capture photos even if wind speeds are too great for camera drones to function. Its maximum altitude is an impressive 183 meters.

With aerial photography all the rage these days, inventions like the Helikite will help facilitate capturing of photos in adverse weather conditions.