The Heirloom Scrimshaw Knife Kit Allows People to Engrave the Handle

 - Jan 18, 2014
References: mollyjogger & uncrate
Revolving around the engravings, scrollwork and carvings done on ivory and bone, specifically by whalers out at sea, the Heirloom Scrimshaw Knife Kit allows interested parties to create their own artworks. It provides everything needed to undertake such a project. These tools include a steel point scribe, india ink, a bamboo tracing tool, carbon paper, steel wool, and sample pictures with instructions for carving.

Of course, the key piece of the Heirloom Scrimshaw Knife Kit is the knife itself complete with a bone handle ready for a person's artwork. In spite of the sample pictures provided, people can carve whatever they like into the handle. Whether personalizing it with their initials or a theme more suitable to their lifestyle, it will stand out.