Heinz Maier Uses High-Speed Photography to Capture Water at its Best

 - Oct 31, 2011
References: flickr & notcot.org
Interactions with water are such common everyday experiences that its elegance and beauty is usually not recognized on a daily basis; Heinz Maier's photographer provides a reminder of the majestic power of Earth's most prominent natural resource.

Heinz Maier's flickr account exhibits the experiments he's taken with high-speed photography and the use of water. Capturing water droplets at incredibly fast shutter speeds, Heinz Maier is able to illustrate the solvent as an elegantly moving rainbow of shades.

Witness the beauty of water through the eyes of Heinz Maier and you'll never look at your faucet the same way again.

Implications - Consumers are attracted to designs that push the limits of creativity on everyday items. Companies attempting to increase their level of popularity on the market could focus on this aspect of style in their newest products.