This DIY Project Lets You Adorn Your Clothing with Cute Heart Prints

 - Feb 13, 2013
Valentine's Day is a great time to not only celebrate with your significant other, but with your family as well, and what better way to prepare for this special day than by making some awesome hand-painted heart pants to wear?

These heart-printed pants are a great way to get in the festive Valentine's Day spirit. Pairing these adorable prints with bright-colored pants is a creative way for adults and children to have some fun during this sentimental holiday. Some of the essentials required include a heart stencil, fabric paint, some sponge brushes and of course your pants of choice. Simply map out your preferred design, place the stencil upon your pants and paint away.

Featured on the blog 'For the Love of,' this project is perfect for those looking to enhance their ordinary pieces of clothing with a splash of love-inspired design.