The Brit & Co. Blog Shows How to Make Low-Fat Treats

 - Jul 10, 2012
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The Brit & Co. blog is a lifestyle brand that is all about providing easy tips for everyday living. In this video Brit Morin shows how to make low-fat cupcakes that you won't feel guilty about eating.

With the ever growing concern for obesity, especially in the United States, it is important to build a healthy diet. However, this doesn't mean that one can't enjoy a treat every once in a while. In this video Morin substitutes the oil and eggs that are required in a boxed cake recipe with Greek yogurt, diet soda and apple sauce. It turns out that these substitutes don't drastically alter the taste, making it just as enjoyable as the regular recipe.

These recipe ideas from the Brit & Co. blog are a great way to maintain a healthy diet.