This Product is Designed to Provide a Healthier Milk Option

 - Dec 8, 2015
References: milkwise & foodbev
'HP Hood' recently launched a beverage that is designed to serve as a healthier milk alternative. In recent years, many consumers have turned to nut milk as a way to cut down on the amount of dairy they are consuming. However, there are a number of consumers who are simply looking for a healthier way to continue drinking cow's milk.

'MilkWise' is a dairy-based beverage that is slightly different than fluid milk. MilkWise is made from a combination of low-fat milk, sugar, water and other nutritious ingredients. The idea behind the beverage is to optimize taste, while also cutting down on sugar and calories. Additionally, the drink is fortified with Vitamin D and contains far more calcium than traditional cow's milk. As a result, the beverage is designed to provide a healthier milk alternative for those who do not necessarily need to cut out dairy.

The drink comes in three tasty varieties, including original, vanilla and reduced-sugar vanilla.