The Headkayse Helmet Can Be Flattened To a Width of 5 Centimeters

 - Nov 17, 2015
References: bikeradar
The Headkayse is a multipurpose bicycle helmet that gets around pretty much every problem associated with bike helmets.

Bicycle helmets are a necessity for safety reasons, but a lot of people don't use them because they take up so much room when they're not actually being worn. The Headkayse helmet can be folded down to be very small and compact, but is also very comfortable to wear.

To fold up the helmet, users release a Velcro closure in the rear, pull out a 'tail' section and push the side sections into the middle. This causes the helmet to flatten by 70 percent down to a width of only 5 cm.

This bicycle helmet's foam is so flexible that it enables the helmet to easily conform to different head shapes and sizes, making this a great option for riders of all stripes. But ultimately, this bicycle helmet could save lives because it's appealing to those who usually shun head protection.