The Harmowind Turbine was Designed with Residential Areas in Mind

 - Jul 24, 2012
References: & yankodesign
At the moment, there are few opportunities for urban and suburban inhabitants to make their houses truly eco-friendly and far too many reasons why keeping to the grid is worth the convenience. The Harmowind Turbine is a concept that may make sustainable living a little closer to home, with a design that's efficient and less obtrusive than many.

Standing 10 meters tall, Hailan Li's wind turbine is within the dimensions of a generator that needs no authorization to erect in many parts of Germany. It's on the small side and features a thoughtfully sculpted spinning top that casts as little of a flickering shadow as possible through dwellings' windows below. The double-blade vertical axis Harmowind Turbine can catch gusts above the roof line and benefit from breezes coming from absolutely any direction.