The Eyeronman Haptic Vest Warns Wearers of Potentially Dangerous Objects

 - Jul 3, 2014
References: tactilenavigationtools & springwise
A new sort of wearable technology consists of a haptic vest that is packed with sensors to guide wearers through low-visibility environments. The Eyeronman vest from Tactile Navigation Tools can detect 360 degrees around the wearer, sensing obstacles and giving warning through tactile feedback.

This haptic vest makes use of a few different technologies, including an ultrasound device that works similarly to bats to figure out how far away objects are. Infrared technology determines the temperature of these objects, while a LiDAR laser also detects distance. A corresponding vibrating pad alerts wearers to where the danger is located.

This haptic vest would not only be helpful to the visually impaired, but also to emergency responders and military personnel dangerous situations.