U of Michigan Sets Record

 - Dec 4, 2007
References: freep & en.wikipedia.org
Hanukah celebrates a military victory (of the 165 BCE Jewish revolt against the Seleucid monarchy), the rededication of the Temple in Jerusalem (Hanukah means dedication), and the miracle of one days supply of the Temple's lamp oil lasting eight days. Because of the latter the festival lasts eight days and we light a Hanukia (a Hanuka menorah). We also eat foods cooked in oil like doughnuts (sufganiot) and potato pancakes (latkes). We also play with the dreidel (sivivon in Hebrew), like a square top with four Hebrew letters on it used to play a simple gambling game.

On Thursday night University of Michigan students are going for a world dreidel spinning record by spinning 1,000 simultaneously. Those Michiganers!