The HAPItrack Records Physical Activity and Aims to Improve Your Mood

 - Feb 7, 2013
References: hapilabs
Sometimes all you need is a little positive reinforcement to encourage you to keep up your healthy habits. Regular exercise is a challenge for many people, but the HAPItrack can keep your spirits up.

The adorable clip-on pedometer is also a physical activity tracker that calculates the calories you burn throughout the day, all the while keeping track of workout times, counting your steps and measuring the distances you've covered. All of is information can be viewed in the HAPIlabs app or on your computer with the online dashboard.

What's more, the HAPItrack has been designed to improve your attitude. Studies have already shown that steady exercise makes you happier, but this device does its own part. It sends you motivational messages and it invites you to press its button each time you feel good, integrating a mood-based element by which to monitor your overall feeling.