The Hans Kemp Bikes of Burden Photos Depict Urban Vietnamese Life

 - May 13, 2014
References: hanskemp.photoshelter & mymodernmet
Photographer Hans Kemp has amassed a series of images of urban Vietnamese life in his series Bikes of Burden. Captured by way of the bikes is the daily transport of cargo, seen in the hefty movement of baskets, vegetables, eggs, dogs, fish and industrial wares.

Attached to these Kemp snapshots are tails of consumption in Vietnam. As much of the country's produce is fresh and rarely refrigerated, the need for the speedy delivery of food items is considerable, hence these stacked motorcycles.

Bikes are also essential to getting around for the Vietnamese people. Kemp has thus delivered an artistic and enlightening project, depicting just how it is that merchandise is carried, conveyed and transferred in the nation.