This Art Series by B. Wurtz is Based on Human Needs and Desires

 - May 7, 2015
References: & coolhunting
The handmade paper art collection created by B. Wurtz from New York is titled 'Works in Handmade Paper' and took two years to complete. Wurtz created his artwork using the process of "hand paper-making" which coincides with the venue where his art is currently displayed. It's the same location where the artwork was created, and it's known for its dedication to sustaining the art of paper-making as a highly regarded technique in the art world.

Each piece of art work reflects one main underlying tone: basic needs of humanity. His work conveys his desired views, and truly expresses Maslow's lowest levels the hierarchy of needs: clothing, food and shelter. Through his expression of bright colors and personal interpretation his handmade paper art is truly original.

The beauty and talent spread throughout the art collection shows a variety of other art tools, for example some pieces are completely paper-based sculptures with minor hints of outside materials, while others are largely foreign materials with minimum paper. The main goal achieved by Wrutz is to keep handmade paper art a mandatory substance.