The Laundrymat Handmade Ceramics Were Inspired by Clothing Stains

‘Laundrymat’ is a series of handmade ceramic by Lauren Rolwing that was inspired by spills that happen on clothes. Each of the plates is painted to look like the collar and torso of a garment, which is a clever twist on the concept. Since these ceramic plates can be washed, spilling on them intentionally or not will not be cause for any upset.

The garments on the plates are incredibly life-like, because Rolwing imprinted each one of the clay plates with an actual shirt. This adds to the charm of the piece, adding wrinkles, creases and enhances the laundry-like nature of the plates.

Each of the unique ceramic plates is packaged in its own drawstring laundry bag and are available for purchase from about $150 through Rolwing’s shop on Tumblr.