The Handiheadset Turns the Call Me Gesture into a Working Phone

 - Jun 23, 2014
References: kickstarter & likecool
In a world where tech-savvy gadgets seem to be turning infinitely smaller and smaller as time goes on, the Handiheadset is an enormous headset shaped like a human hand. While this headset seems rather large and obnoxious to carry around, it would be fun to watch the reaction of people on the street as you took a call from a gigantic hand.

Kickstarter designer Stephen Moore invented the Handiheadset based off of the call me hand gesture people tend to give other people when they would like the person to telephone them. This headset cleverly infuses a phone-like device inside the headset's extended pinky finger and thumb. Every time you go to answer a call it'll look as though you're speaking into an incredibly large hand. You can easily plug the Handiheadset into your smartphone with the audio jack.