The RoZCoo Ahimsa

 - Jun 10, 2008   Updated: May 10 2011
References: rozcoo
RoZCoo LLC, (pronounced Rosie Ku) introduced luxury yoga mats back in 2005. Since then, they have continued to make stylish everyday accessories for men and women. Pictured here is a handbag-inspired mat called Ahimsa, which is the Sanskrit term for "non-violence" towards other living creatures. All of RoZCoo's products are 100 percent animal-friendly.

Implications - The idea of creating a bag that resembles a yoga mat is quite interesting and definitely has a unique look. Although it is long, it isn't very tall, so not much could fit inside except essential things such as wallets and cell phones. The RoZCoo label states that it is "a platform from which to inspire the genius in individuality."