Craig Oldham's The Hand.Written.Letter.Project Pays Tribute to a Dying Art F

 - Aug 11, 2011
References: kkoutlet & itsnicethat
The Hand.Written.Letter.Project pays tribute to this dying form of communication in a creatively poignant way.

Interestingly enough, however, the Hand.Written.Letter.Project happens to involve a lot more illustration than actual writing. In fact, whenever a contributor opted to write, he or she often included a bashful apology for their messy scrawl. This shows just how uncomfortable the act of writing has become in a society that has come to rely so heavily on social media networks, email and word processors to correspond with people.

Aside from these imaginative and creative illustrations, the thoughtful messages seen throughout the Hand.Written.Letter.Project is what will make a meaningful impact on its audience.

Put together by Craig Oldham, the Hand.Written.Letter.Project is currently showing at the KK Outlet in London’s Hoxton Square.