This Han Solo Colectible Figures is Ready to Fight the Empire

 - Jan 24, 2014
References: sideshowtoy & mightymega
This incredible scale Han Solo collectible figurine is a perfect replica of Harrison Ford's roguish hero in the original Star Wars trilogy. Clad in an absolutely authentic replica of the brown-quilted parka in Empire Strikes Back, complete with fur-trimmed hood and rank insignia, the figure also comes with blaster pistol, macrobinoculars, droid caller and portable life scanners.

This Han Solo collectible figure is a wonderfully accurate and detailed action figure. It's not just a general Han Solo action figure, but it's a collectible doll modeled after the character in very specific scenes of the second film, details that are sure to thrill hardcore Star Wars fans. If you're building a collection of Stars Wars action figures and figurines, then this most definitely belongs on your shelf.